Why Study Medicine?

Choosing the right career is probably the most important decision of your life. Planning it in advance helps in attaining relevant studies and minimises stress. Medicine is one such field that provides a vast arena of knowledge and has many benefits when taken as a career. Whether you are deciding to study medicine from a University or are already in initial years of the course, the question that generally comes to mind is “why study medicine?” Well here are 5 good reasons to study and build a career in medicine

1. Multiple options on completion of the course

In medicine, there is a whole world of possibilities once you complete the course successfully. You may become a medical entrepreneur and set up your own clinic or you may choose to work in a hospital. You may even work in government organisations in their healthcare sections or in science institutes that require doctors to conduct researches. The possibilities are endless.

2. Countless opportunities to help people and save lives

This is another answer to the question why study medicine? Some studies have found that there is a good percentage of students who study medicine because they simply want to help others and make a difference to people’s lives. This is one of the reasons why medicine is one of the most satisfying and rewarding careers.

3. Job Stability

If you are choosing medicine as your career, you may be assured of its stability. Once established, you will never be starving in this profession. You will never need to keep searching for a better job throughout your life unlike in other professions. Moreover, there is no impact of recession (that recently hit many countries and left a lot of people without jobs) in this profession. So you can be sure of earning money even during your countries lowest financial times.

4. You will have skills that are recognised around the world

Not to mention, if you like to travel round the globe, your skills will be recognised throughout any country or nation. You have freedom to attain a degree from a university or medical college from any part of the world and practise wherever you like.

5. The earning potential can be huge

Well, this is true but you need to invest a good amount of time in practising medicine. Though there are multiple ways to earn money in this profession, hard work, dedication and a passion to your work are all essential to becoming a successful medical professional.