Why attend an experience day?

Why attend an experience day?


Progressive experience on your journey to medical or dental school..

Preparation Delivered lectures and workshops on a range of topics including but not limited too: view from a medical student, ethics, characteristics of a good doctor, how to successfully approach personal statements, UCAS applications, interviews and UKCAT, problem based learning and practical based learning such as life support, venepuncture and knot tying.

Experience As well as attending a series of lectures delivered by a wide range of the medical profession, an experience day includes practical workshops allowing an insight into the practical abilities required by doctors and dentists.

Small Groups Experience days allow for students to work in small groups, allowing more opportunity to ask questions, talk one to one with junior doctors and consultants and to get involved throughout the day.

Hospital or Local Campus Setting Attending an experience day within a local hospital setting is a very realistic way of seeing first hand, doctors and in their working capacity and having access to a range of medical equipment and possible patient involvement, or attending a local campus setting gives a realistic experience of what studying to become a doctor will be like in terms of lectures, workshops and tutorials.

Interview topics Building a rapport with local hospitals shows initiative on the students behalf and can be used as a talking point in interviews as members of the medical school interviews may very well have worked at the hospitals or be very familiar with them.

Interaction with Medical Professionals  MDX Events ensures there a good number of working doctors and dentists on site to give you an idea of what a career in this area is really like.  Sessions are led by consultant surgeons and specialists to tell you what life is like at the top and in addition to this, you will also hear from junior FY1 and FY2 doctors who have recently graduated and starting seeing their first patients.

To get more information on particular events, including programmes, times, locations and to book please see www.mdexperience.co.uk