What Is The Medipathways 2 Year Bsc.(Hons)?

The Medipathways Bsc.(Hons) is a unique medical degree course completed in just 2 years. The course is taught at the University of London’s Birkbeck campus and is validated by the University of Buckingham. For you to pursue this course you must meet certain conditions and requirements.

To be able to enroll in this degree programme you must have obtained three A-Levels, including both Biology and Chemistry, at B grades or above. Alternatively you must have an I.B score of 32 points overall or DMM in a Science based BTEC. Scottish Advanced Highers and Irish leaving certificates are also accepted. For students who are not English natives, you must have passed an English test to the level of IELTS 6.5 or equivalent and you have to achieve a score of at least 6.0 in the writing and listening sections. Another route into this degree is through the successful completion of the Medipathways Foundation course. Remember, an interview may be required for applicants.

– As this course only takes 2 years to complete, you will save far more time and money in comparison to students undertaking a 3 year programme.

– The students on the course are always academically fit. This is because it is a degree which would normally take 3 years to complete, hence the people doing it in 2 years must be very bright.

– Rather than studying for a third year, you will be able to seek job opportunities.

– Students on the 2-year Bsc. will be treated just as equally as graduates who finished in 3 years.

The Programme Details
In stage one, you will work through different units including Chemistry, Biochemistry, Renal System, Respiration, Circulation and Ethics. Cellular Biology, Neuroscience and the History of Medicine are also covered in the same year.

The second stage of the course covers more units so you may find your workload will increase. You will study Microbiology, Cancer Biology, Genetics and Disease Processes. In addition to this, Cell Signalling, Medical Physiology and Developmental Biology are taught in the final year. There are a number of units not listed here that you will also cover throughout the duration of the programme.

If this sounds like the degree for you, then you can apply online at http://www.applyformedicine.com but be aware that places are filling rapidly so be sure to submit your application as soon as possible for the best chance in securing a place on this course.