What A-Levels Do You Need To Become A Doctor?

If you aspire to be a medic or doctor, you will need to study medicine at a reputable university. To have an advantage during the university application process, it is in your best interest to have an A-level line-up that is appropriate and applicable to a career in medicine. It is crucial that any individual interested in joining the medicine world picks the right A-levels. One subject that is a compulsory is chemistry but there are others that make the list complete.

Important A-Levels

– For all the medical school options to remain open, biology, chemistry and either physics or maths should be picked.

– However, you can leave the majority of your options open by choosing biology and chemistry without maths or physics.

– A few schools will still take you for a number of courses if you choose to take biology and either maths or physics without chemistry but the list will be limited.

Useful A-Levels

The Bio-medical Admission test can be performed better if you have studied Critical Thinking but this should be picked as an additional AS-level as opposed to replacing biology, physics or maths. It is important to check out the popular subjects most students picked prior to taking a medicine degree.

There are similar subject areas of studies such as Nursing, Dentistry, Veterinary medicine and Biomedical sciences. Note that the similar subjects may have a difference in the A-level requirements to medicine.

To keep many options open, you should check all the requirements prior to making your choices. To be in a better position, pick the admission papers or brochures from popular universities offering medicine courses and have a look at the requirements. This will help you in finalising your A-level choices and lead you to your dream career in your preferred medicine field.