Unsure About Going to University?

Every year, thousands of students begin their university careers, and every single one of them will have doubts, worries and fears about going. It’s a huge step, and probably a big change from anything that you’ve experienced before; supposedly the best years of your life, but also hard work, commitment, exams and starting out by yourself.


The important thing to remember if you’re unsure is that going through the traditional route of university isn’t the only way, even for a career in medicine. Many hospitals offer full time jobs that require you to go to university once a week, or one week out of a month; you might not become a doctor, but many positions of care in hospitals are available this way.


If you’re worried about moving out or being far away from home, the best thing to do is to look at universities that are nearby. Although many students want to get away and experience new places, it’s just as common to not want to go too far. You could even go to your home city’s university and continue living at home until you make friends and decide to move out for your second year, this is a cheaper way of living, and if you don’t mind a longer journey to university in the mornings, there’s really no need to move away from home.


For those unsure of what you want to study, you don’t have to decide straight away. A level students often find themselves being pressured into applying to university by friends, family and colleges, but this doesn’t mean you should just pick a course because you feel like you have to apply. Take a gap year if you want, go travelling and see the world, or maybe just get a job and earn some money for a year or two whilst you think about your future. There’s no rule that says you have to go to university straight away after college, and it makes more sense to wait a little while and go later than it does to go for the sake of it and drop out because you dislike your course!


To become a doctor, dentist or vet, it does require more years at university than other courses do, and this does put some people off. If you’re not sure about committing all that time, money and effort, you don’t have to jump straight into a five or six year course, why not have a look at our Pre-Med or Medical Foundation courses, which can give you the taste of what being a medical student is like without applying to such a long term course.


Most students find that all their worries about going to university were unnecessary, and that they really enjoy being a student. However there are some that don’t enjoy the experience and drop out, but really the only way you can know for certain is to give it a go. University isn’t for everyone, and if you decide that you don’t want to go, that’s fine too. There’s plenty of options that can lead you into a career within health care, and you can always return to education a few years down the line.