Types of Medical Professions

Medicine is a diverse profession that can be subdivided into different areas of specialty. Some of them are listed as below:


This unique field of medicine deals with treatment of diseases that affect the skin, hair and nails of the patient. To become a dermatologist, one should get your higher education from a certified institution which normally takes 4 years. Thereafter, students normally are required to render their services as a transitional or medical intern in the relevant field for about 3 years.

Cardiac Surgeon

Cardio-surgery is the skilled operation of organs within the heart and other related vessels. A professional must pass through 6-9 years of proper training in surgery. In addition, the surgeon may learn some skills in vascular surgery which can make him become a cardiothoracic specialist.

Most of them can perform open heart tissue surgery, in this delicate process the patient’s organ would be incised using special tools to repair damaged arteries or remove clots. The procedure is usually done in clean theater rooms using sanitized tools to prevent infection.


Neonatology refers to a subfield of paediatrics which consists of special medical care for newborn babies, especially those who are born prematurely or have some disease. Other cases that require help include congenital malformations, sepsis, intrauterine growth retardation and birth asphyxias. Before becoming a neonatologist, one should first receive paediatric training followed by 3 year fellowship training in neonatology.

Rather than concentrating on any particular organ within the baby’s body, they take care of infants who require urgent ICU care. In addition, a neonatologist who works in scholarly settings may routinely follow the infant’s progress few months after hospital discharge, this helps to assess any long-term effects that may occur after surgery. Some professionals also perform scientific and clinical research to increase knowledge and understanding in this medical field. These are just but a few medical professions, there are many more.