Top 5 Things Every Fresher Should Know

Know Your Bank Balance: Try and plan out where you student loan is going. Avoiding buying takeaways and excessive clothes shopping won’t help in the long run. Although when getting your first student loan payment (and it being freshers week) it’s tempting to run out and blow the lot! Taking a percentage of your student loan and putting it in a savings account for the important things such as food, course materials and travel.

Asking If There is Student Discount: Using your student discount at retail stores can give you 10% off and maybe more on top of that! Even asking around at other stores your visit may save you more money!

Bursary Entitlement: Once arriving at your university, don’t be shy in checking with the university if your entitled to bursary or grant. If you are entitled, not asking about it means you could be missing out on extra funding.

Remembering To Enrol: Although freshers week may be all to exciting, letting your university know that you have arrived there. Without enrolling you may find it a struggle using university facilities. So don’t forget to enrol!

Enjoy Your First Year: The first year of university is without a doubt the easiest. It’s just all about settling in getting used to it. The second and third year are a lot more difficult, so just enjoy being a fresher and enjoy the first year while it lasts as it’s over before you know it and the hard work start to kick in.