The University of Buckingham

Here in the United Kingdom, there are many renowned colleges and universities that attract a large number of students from all over the world. In the long list of educational institutions, the University of Buckingham is one institution that gets no government support directly and is completely independent. This has helped the University to take a pioneering approach in the field of higher education.

The idea of opening an educational institution with a distinctive approach was first started by dignitaries from the world of academics and business. After three conferences held in London, the idea started taking a concrete shape. Max Beloff was one of the active supporters of this thought. He was a Professor of politics at the Oxford at that time and later he held many prominent positions.

A site perfect for this University was chosen in March, 1973. It came into existence as a non profit company and as educational charity, it was registered. On April, 3rd, 1973, first formal meeting of Council of Management was held. The first visitor was the Lord Chancellor, Lord Halisham. The foundation stone of this University was laid in 1974 in May. Formal opening of the University took place in February of 1976. It was inaugurated by Margaret Thatcher who at that time was former State Secretary for Education. The University had just 65 students.

This University status was granted in March 1983 after a Royal Charter was given. This happened just after 7 years of its opening. Once the relevant departments were satisfied about the standard of education provided, this Charter was issued. With so many Universities controlled by State, this University is progressing further with its high level of education and content that it shared with the students.