The Other Options

With A level results day less than two weeks away, thousands of students up and down the country can only wait for the brown envelope that tells them what they’re going to be doing for the next part of their lives. If you’re hoping to go to university there’s a lot resting on A level results, especially if you’re aiming to go to medical school, where the universities aren’t very flexible about missed grades.


However if you don’t quite achieve the grades you need to get into medical school, it’s not the end of the road. Although it is true that many medical schools don’t accept students who have re-sat any of their A level exams, there are still ways that you can achieve your goals.


It is for this reason that our BSc. (Hons) in Biomedical Science makes a perfect fifth option when applying to university. It can be completed in two years and has lower entry requirements than a medicine course does; if you don’t get in to medical school or don’t reach your required grades you can still be off to university in September. The fact that it can be completed in two years means that you save money and can reapply for a medical degree once you have done it, putting you ahead of the competition and showing that you’re dedicated.


There is also an articulation route which might be a good idea for you, which enables you to study the two year BSc. in Biomedical Science with a guaranteed place on a four year medicine degree programme abroad (providing you achieve the right grade). This 2 + 4 articulation route means that you can have a degree in biomedical science and be a qualified doctor in just six years, and you get to spend time studying abroad. It is ideal for those who have missed out on a place at a UK medical school, wish to study abroad in Eastern Europe and want to practice medicine in the UK or US. However you can still apply to UK medical schools again rather than going abroad, but at least you’ll know that you have a secure place if your UK applications fail.


These courses are hard work, but they are very rewarding and you can still end up with the career you want. There’s no easy way to become a doctor, but Medipathways can help to give you a few options if things don’t go to plan.