Top Ten Reasons To Join Us:

  1. Our BSc. costs the same total amount as most other traditional 3-year BSc. programmes but with a year’s less living expenses.
  2. The University of Buckingham has been top on student satisfaction surveys since 2006.
  3. Successful BSc., graduates save a year of their life, and start earning a year earlier too.
  4. Completing a BSc. (Hons.) over 2 years is hard work – and it should be! Our intensive programme is great preparation for medical or dental school.
  5. Subject to meeting minimal entry requirements, our students have a guaranteed interview at the University of Buckingham’s Medical School†
  6. Our 2-year BSc. (Hons) graduates have equal consideration compared with traditional 3-year BSc. graduates when applying for medical or dental school.
  7. The first year of our BSc (the Pre-Med) allows application for medical or dental school in just 1 year, as an alternative pathway into medicine. This is designed for students who have a previous academic background that is not too far off their standard entry requirements.
  8. Students who do not secure a place within the UK gain access into overseas medical & dental schools. In previous years, 80% of our students secured a place via this route, and we actively assisted in their successful placement.
  9. A high portion of our students who had suitable A-Level grades and subjects secured a place into a medical or dental school at their 1st, 2nd or even 3rd attempt. UCAS statistics show that the general average is about 10% and this usually falls at 2nd or 3rd attempt.
  10. Great teaching facilities in Central London, with access to Student Central and the Royal Society of Medicine. London is one of the most vibrant and student-friendly cities in the world.

 †Subject to availability & approval of their Medical School by the GMC.

Please see the University of Buckingham’s website for further details on their medical school: