Success Rates

Medipathways College is pleased to announce initial indications affirm excellent success in med-school interviews and offers for our graduate leavers* applying to medical school.  The number of medical school offers is over five times higher than for typical graduates applying for medical schools. These success rates include our first ever 2-year BSc graduate leavers, who have reached this stage in a third less time. Additionally, for both our 2015 and 2016 graduate cohorts, all students who achieved a First Class degree progressed to UK medical schools.

The following statistics provide a snapshot of Medipathways (MP) BSc. students’ performance for medical school entry and demonstrates the consistently strong success rate:

MP students* National Average†
% of UCAS applicants who received interview at a UK medical school 65% 15%
% of UCAS applicants who received a conditional offer from a UK medical school 60% 10% (approx)
% of Students who received a conditional offer from a 4-year medical school abroad 100% <1%
% of our First Class graduates who received an offer from a UK medical school 100% TBC

*Statistics are for Medipathways leavers who have left the college with our BSc or CertHE who applied for 2015 or 2016 entry to UK medical degree courses.

† This is an estimate for general guidance only.  Information has been collected using the FOIA requests to medical schools. An example of the requests used are shown at For more contemporary data, enquiries should be made directly with each medical school.

You can also see testimonials from the students in our Student Testimonials brochure, available below: