Starting as a Fresher

Freshers’ week is a period of orientation for new students at the beginning of the academic year at a university, during which time a variety of events are held to welcome them. It is important to use this time to learn about your surroundings, go out and mix with other freshers and best prepare yourself for the years ahead. Once you are “partied out”, you need to be sure that if you are living away from home, your accommodation is secured and you have everything you need to survive university life.You are in a new place, with new surroundings and about to embark on a completely new way of life!

Make sure you attend all registrations, including course enrolment and financial meetings should you need them . Attend as many social events as you can, this will help you make new friends and also be a source of vital information. Most universities have a wide variety of societies and clubs that cater for all tastes, hobbies and likes, however if you don’t find something that’s for you, you could always start your own club or society! Any meetings that have been organised by course tutors or departments should be attended so you have an insight into what the course entails and you can get prepared for what is expected. It is also vital that you budget for the year, divide your funds into the amount of weeks you will be there and try to stick to it. If you feel you may struggle, then this would be a perfect opportunity to find a part time job to add to your funds. Also, be sure to familiarise yourself with the university, for example where the library or main lecture buildings are. Study your timetable, get all the books you need as preparation is the key to a smooth transition into university life, some books can be hard to find when demand is high so don’t leave it to the last minute!