Revision Top Tips!

Its coming to the time of year of exams again, and with it, some students experience exam stress.

Do not let pressure or stress affect you and get on top of you. Find out how you learn things best and keep calm.

As well as studying, remember to:

  • Be well prepared
  • Plan your revision
  • Schedule what you need to do and how long you have to study/revise it
  • Draw up a revision timetable, include a break after every 20 minutes and try alternate your study subjects so you do not feel overwhelmed by a certain topic
  • Know the format of the exam – is it written exams or multiple choice or both?
  • How long is the exam, how long can you spend on each question?
  • Where you can pick up marks – are there more questions requiring theories?
  • Make sure you attempt to get a copy of a past paper and the mark scheme – check what the questions were and what they were looking for in the answers
  • Take regular breaks
  • Start revision in a morning – research shows you are more likely to stick to a schedule the earlier on in the day you start it, as there will be fewer distractions
  • Find a quiet space – somewhere you will be uninterrupted and can focus and concentrate on your work. This could be your bedroom, school, library, coffee shop – you know what works best for you
  • Make summary notes – it is the best way to memorise lots of information and you will be familiar with what you understand and what requires more study
  • Get someone (a family member or friend) to test you on your summary notes
  • Eat healthy food to keep you healthy and constant – red bull and pizza is not going to help you no matter how much better it makes you feel
  • Drink lots of water – keep hydrated so your mind is at its best
  • Do some exercise – physical activity increases heart rate, which makes the blood circulate faster. This in turn ensures that brain gets more oxygen which increases productivity whilst reducing tiredness and stress
  • Sleep well – do not stay up to revise, you will learn less if you are tired
  • If you cant sleep don’t panic, you will fall asleep eventually and will get through the exam just fine
  • Stick to a routine
  • Plan a celebration for after your exam, or even a treat at the end of every revision session. This will give you an aim to work towards and make it feel like it was all worth it

Remember: Whilst exams are important, they are not more important than your health. Make sure you look after yourself whilst revising and getting through your exams. If you don’t do as well as you like, its not the end of the world, move on or do them again!