Possible Medical Careers

There are many options for having a medical career, here are just some of them and the tasks they involve:


Dentists – Dentists will diagnose oral problems, fill cavities, perform root canals, treat gum disease, practice orthodontia and also give anaesthesia and perform oral surgery. Many are employed by dental schools, health agencies, hospitals or professional groups, some Dentists even intend to operate their own practices.


Nurse Midwife – A nurse midwife is an advanced practice registered nurse who has had training in obstetrics and works under the supervision of an obstetrician. Duties often include: Evaluating patients’ conditions and test results. Educating women about reproductive health issues. Conducting pelvic exams, breast exams and Pap smears. Assisting women with labour and childbirth. Providing some neonatal care.


Psychologist – Psychologists study the behaviour and actions of people to understand, explain and change their behaviour patterns. They can specialise in clinical, educational, quantitative, development, social, experimental and industrial-organisational psychology. Duties include: Diagnosing and treating problems, interviewing and observing patients, developing, selecting and administrating tests, counselling patients, groups and families, developing mental health programs and conducting research and teaching.


Psychiatrist – Psychiatrists are physicians who specialise in the problems of mental illness. They may work for he government, have their own practice, work in hospitals, clinics or universities. Psychiatrists will design treat programs, conduct psychotherapy sessions, prescribe potent mental illness drugs, supervise electrotherapy treatments, conduct research and lead a team of mental health care providers.


Allopathic Physician (M.D) – Allopathic physicians are medical doctors who treat diseases and injuries using counteractive methods. Allopathic physicians often work in public or private hospitals or clinics and many have their own practices. Most specialise in many medical fields, such as: Dermatologist – treats skin conditions, Cardiologist – Treats heart disease, Pathologist – Interprets disease in tissues, Oncologist – Treats cancer, Surgeon – Performs operations, Paediatrician – Provides care for children and so much more!