Medipathways News

We are delighted to announce that Medipathways has recently made a ground breaking development, enabling us to offer our courses to students from around the world!

From September 2019, all our courses will be delivered by the University of Buckingham on their new Global Health Science Campus based in Crewe, which is just 30 minutes from Manchester.

All features and benefits that Medipathways offers will not only remain the same, but enhanced even further as our new students will now be students of the university. This means that Student Finance for Home students and student visas for International students is now possible.

In addition, students in Crewe will benefit from other facilities that were otherwise not possible in London, such as in-house sports and fitness centre, libraries, dining and student social areas and on campus student accommodation.

Living outside London not only provides more space for such activities but also costs are dramatically reduced as well as safety, enhancing the overall well-being and experience of our students.

Most of the senior staff that are in London will also be teaching and managing in Crewe and we look forward to welcoming our new intake of students in Crewe this September.

Further information on this development can be found on the University of Buckingham’s website.

Applications for 2019 start:

All courses will be available on UCAS in the usual way, you may search for these and course codes will be made available shortly.

In the meantime, please register your interest my contacting us on where our team will be able to provide further information.