Through our unique mentoring scheme, ‘Medimentors’ are able to support Medipathways students in their applications for medicine and dentistry. We offer individual help for all our students throughout the year along side their standard whatever stage they are at in their degrees. This mentoring scheme is integral to the professional development and future employability of Medipathways students. Below is an overview of key areas that we support:

Personal Statement Support – workshops and advice on how to write a good personal statement, followed by personalised feedback and support.

Entrance Exam Support – workshops and one to one sessions for each exam (UKCAT, BMAT, GAMSAT) as well as individual help completing and marking practice papers.

UCAS Support – individual support on any difficulties faced with the process of applying to UCAS.

Interview Practice – group workshops on how to excel in interviews, as well as one-to-one mock interview practice tailored to the type of interview conducted in the specific universities that have been applied to.

Ongoing Pastoral Support and Career Skills – this focuses on important skills such as debating, portfolio making, ethics discussion, communication, revising, reflecting and presentation skills.

The scheme has been externally assessed by the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation, who have awarded it their Approved Provider Standard (APS).

Benefits of MediMentoring Scheme:

MediMentors will:

  • Help Medipathways students develop greater self-confidence and increase their motivation, through assisting with increased self-reflection and understanding.
  • Focus students on their key targets for moving towards desired progression pathways.
  • Help students to focus their minds towards their goal of becoming doctors or dentists.
  • Provides students with ongoing help and support, with an aim to increasing their future employability.
  • Help to ensure students are well organised, and provide practical advice as someone who is further along the road towards being a doctor to rely on for practical advice.
  • Provide invaluable advice on career progression and advancement, and guidance on the routes available to them – and the pros and cons of each based on its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Maximise the potential for personal and professional development.

Our mentoring scheme is currently registered as a project with the Mentoring & Befriending Foundation where we refer to their good practice bank.  We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Approved Provider Standard (APS), a national quality standard designed specifically for mentoring and befriending projects. Projects which meet the requirements of the standard are accredited for three years.

The APS looks at four key areas (management and operation, service users, mentors and befrienders, and the mentoring and befriending relationship) to demonstrate that all accredited mentoring projects are safe and effective in providing their services.

At Medipathways we believe that the mentoring services we provide to our students through our Medimentors scheme is not only beneficial, but of a high quality. As a result we are thrilled to now be part of the Mentoring & Befriending Foundation family in order to show our current and future students, as well as those who support them in their education, that they can rely on an accredited service to support them in their applications to medicine, dentistry and the sciences.