Living in London

Living in London is a big step, especially if you’re coming from somewhere away from a big city. It’s a fascinating place, full of people, culture, diversity and pubs, you’ll find endless opportunities, meet amazing people and see the world in a different light. Living in London is a great experience, and you’ll never be short of something to do.


It might seem scary at first, but once you get used to hopping on the tube and weaving in and out of the dawdling crowds on Oxford street, you’ll be fine. Get yourself an oyster card and a map to get you started. You can visit some of the most famous landmarks in the world, go in the many free museums and art exhibitions and always find a new street or something fascinating no matter how long you’ve been there.


Being a student in London has amazing benefits, you’ll get student discount on a lot of things, get cheap drinks and club entries and adapt to the culture of the capital. There’s always a party (and an after party) and there’s a cafĂ© on every street where you can catch up with friends or sit and get some work done. It also rains a lot less in London than it does anywhere else in the UK, which is definitely a bonus.


The downside is that everything is more expensive in London than it is elsewhere in the country. Fortunately student loans companies do allow for this, giving a higher maintenance loan to those who live in the city. However you’re probably going to have to get a part time job to keep yourself afloat, everything is just that little bit more costly than you’re used to, and rent will bankrupt you if you’re not careful. Wages are also higher in London to match the living costs, which is great if you can fit a job in around your uni work and social life.


The beauty of the 2+4 articulation route that is offered at Medipathways is that you can spend two years living and studying in London, completely eligible for student loans and grants, before heading off to study medicine in Europe for 4 years. If you’re unlucky and don’t manage to get into medical school first time, you can start studying towards a 2 year BSc in Biomedical Science with a guaranteed place at a medical school abroad, you can fully immerse yourself in London life before going to somewhere overseas and having a whole new experience. The culture and tourist appeal of London will easily last two years, you’ll never get bored and there will still be areas you haven’t been to! You’ll also save money by completing a degree in two years rather than three, that’s a whole year of rent money saved.