How To Prepare For Medical School – Top 10 Tips!

There are many opportunities in medicine and this could be the main reason as to why most people opt to join medical school. If you are qualified to join medical school, there are a few things that you should know beforehand. The following tips will help you to prepare for medical school.

1. Make your preparations

The medical field is wide and has so many options to choose from. Without proper guidance, you might end up choosing something that is not in your interest. It is therefore advisable that you schedule a meeting with an admissions consultant or a guidance counsellor so that they can guide you on the various options and your education plans early on in your undergraduate studies.

2. Make wise choices

Medical school does not necessarily choose students who have attended a Pre-Med. If you have a strong background in mathematics, physics and natural sciences such as Biology, you can still get admission. If however you completed college without doing any of these sciences, then you should make a point of talking to the admissions counsellor so that they can guide you and advise you whether you need to go back to college and add the courses or not.

3. Study hard

Most medical schools require students to obtain very top grades order to consider them for admission. Admissions have to be convinced beyond doubt that you are capable of excelling in the medical field. If you did not study sciences or attend a pre-med program, then your main focus should be to get high grades in mathematics and science courses.

4. Be ready to read

Medical school is not a joke and the students who are there will tell you that it is a requirement for you to improve your reading skills; otherwise coping will not be easy. If you have ever had problems reading intensively, then you may have to find a tutor.

5. Take up extracurricular activities

Contrary to what people think, med school is not all about reading and reading more books. Admission officers at the university have to be convinced that you can also take up extra-curricular activities. You can do this by becoming a volunteer in community service with a focus on health. The choice of your extracurricular activities should reflect your desire to get through medical school.

6. Get references

References are meant to write for you a recommendation which you will submit to the university along with your medical school application. Start looking for people who know your strengths and weaknesses and can write a proper recommendation for you.

7. Always stay up-to-date

Try to read as much as you can about the current issues in the medical field. This information will come in handy when you are called for your medial school admissions interview.

8. Prepare for your interview

Medical schools do not have standardised interviews therefore you need to prepare. You can prepare for the interview by talking to current students, asking advice and finding a program that can help you. If you do not have good public speaking skills, you should practice well in advance because they will help you prep for your interview.

9. Fill out your admission application early

This will help you to avoid last minute preparations which may disorganise you. Ensure that you submit your application as early as possible. This will ensure that you have enough time to prepare documents such as exam scores, letters of recommendation, etc which are all necessary documents needed to process your admission.

10. Do not despair

Unfortunately, not everyone who applies to medical school will be accepted despite the high demand for doctors. If the first school that you apply to does not accept you, then you should not despair and remember there are specialist like Medipathways that can help with making your career in the medical industry a reality.