How Important Are GCSE Grades?

GCSE’s may not seem like a big deal at the time, but they most definitely are. GCSE’s are extremely important for your future and can have a dramatic impact on your life. The grades you get are of great importance to you. Have you ever asked yourself how important your GCSE grades are?

GCSE results can determine the sixth form that you go to. The entry requirements for college and school sixth forms differ but, normally, you must obtain a minimum of 4 to 5 C’s, sometimes with at least B’s in the subjects that you wish to study. Your educational performance and your GCSE’s are usually good indicators that show how well you will do in your A-levels or any other form of advanced study.

Your results can also determine the kind of qualifications you will take next. Some of the sixth forms may deny you to do a certain subject unless you have a grade of A in that particular subject at GCSE. If in any case the grades you have are mostly Cs, studying A-levels may then be off limits to you. However, the sixth form may be in a position to offer to you a course which is vocational, for example, BTEC subjects tend to have lower entry requirements and give you a Level 3 course qualification.

Believe it or not, GCSE’s are often used to determine if you are suitable for a University course. Most of the university courses are keen on looking for at least C grades in English, Maths and, sometimes, Science. There are also some of the universities courses that go further and ask you for your GCSE subject grades relevant to the degree you wish to take.

In conclusion, the grades that you achieve are of great importance as they can have a huge effect on your future.