How can an experience day help me?

How can an experience day help me?

Want to make sure you are making right decision regarding medicine and dentistry?  Want to make an informed choice?

Application to medical school is a highly selective and competitive process. Many obstacles need to be overcome to achieve the goal of a place at a UK medical school.

Experience days are ideal for students who:

·      Are considering a career in medicine and dentistry and need some more information

·      Students who are going to apply for medicine and dentistry and need to further their exposure to medicine and gain work experience

·      Students that have already applied and would like further experience – a great talking point for any interviews

They are usually held in respected NHS hospitals or local university campuses and aim to expose the reality of medical school and medical careers.

The aim of an experience day is to assist you as you embark on your journey to medical and dental school, and we will be with you every step of the way. Experience days do not promote or glamorise medicine, but they will expose and inform you of what a career in this area will entail.

They involve attending a conference, typically a one-day event to arm delegates with information regarding medicine so they can make their own informed choice. At the events/experience days there are good number of working doctors and dentists on site to give you an idea of what a career in this area is really like.  Sessions are led by consultant surgeons and specialists to tell you what life is like at the top and in addition to this, you will also hear from junior FY1 and FY2 doctors who have recently graduated and starting seeing their first patients.

In addition to academic requirements, universities look for other factors which experience days can help you gain by a step-by-step approach to medicine and dental school application, these can include:

·      Work experience – exposing you to real experiences to get an idea of if this is the right career choice.

·      Interview practise – conducted by medical professionals.

·      UCAS application preparation – ensuring your personal statement is a true reflection of yourself and highlights the key points medical and dental schools look for.

·      Alternative routes to medicine – including studying medicine abroad.

·      Exam revision courses – for those who need to make sure they make the grade!

Sessions on the above are also included at experience days to give you an all rounded view of what a career in medicine and dentistry will be like and how to make your application to best it can be!