Getting a Summer Job

There’s a lot of reasons why being a student is great, and one of them has to be the incredibly long summers. Many students finish their exams mid-May and then don’t have to start lectures again until the end of September – it’s a hard life! During this time, you might want to try to get a summer job and earn some money to get through the next 4 months of incredible hardship. Of course, it’s not just cash in your pocket but also great skills-building experience for your CV, and you’ll still find time to enjoy the sun and the freedom of your summer holiday. You can read our blog post about the value of work experience here.


It’s best to start looking early, many employers look for summer staff every year; more people, bigger sales and a chance to make extra money mean that you should be looking from April or May (now!) for a summer job. Write a great CV using online guides and talking to parents or lecturers, keep it under 2 pages and make sure it’s interesting.


There’s a number of websites dedicated to student jobs, alternatively look in local newspapers, ask your university career service, ask directly in shops (with a CV handy to give them) and talk to people you know. Don’t just ask your parents, put it out on Facebook that you’re looking for a job and ask friends who have jobs if there are any other vacancies where they work. You could be surprised by who might be able to help you out.


Some of the best places to work over summer receive hundreds of applicants every year – attractions such as Alton Towers often have a lot of vacancies, but you need to have a very strong CV and a great interview to get a job there. It’s also a difficult place to get to unless you live very nearby, so travel is an essential thing to consider. Music festivals also employ a lot of young people every summer to help run the events, some of these are voluntary positions but you get free entry to the festival, free meals, have fun and maybe get a chance to meet some of the celebrities, it’s even better if you get paid for it as well!


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For a temporary office job, it’s worth applying to agencies in the months before your summer starts. They might be able to line a job up for you as soon as you finish university. The agency takes the stress out of having to search and apply for jobs, but office work isn’t for everyone. It’s a secure and stable job, and you could earn a reasonable amount of money from it.


An increasingly popular student summer job is bar work or holiday repping abroad. It’s hard work, long shifts and not a lot of money, but you get to spend your summer embracing a new culture and partying. Working abroad over summer will get you a great tan, friends for life and an unforgettable experience, if you’re up to it.


If your job hunt doesn’t go well, or you just don’t fancy any of the jobs available, why not think about being your own boss? Whether it’s cleaning cars, babysitting, gardening or online freelance work, there’s always a way to make money by yourself.