Our fee structure is simple and extremely good value, offering you the chance to complete a BSc. degree in just two years and also the most cost effective way to complete a three year BSc.

All courses require a £4000 deposit to be paid before the start of the course. All fees can be paid monthly. If you pay the full year’s fees upfront, you will be eligible for a 5% discount on the first year’s fees.

Course Fee
2-year BSc. in Biomedical Science £27000
       Year 1 (of BSc.) £16000
       Year 2 (of BSc.) £11000
Deposit of £4000 and nine monthly payments of £1333 followed by 13 payments of £846 
Medipathways Pre-Med £16000
Deposit of £4000 and nine monthly payments of £1333
Medipathways Foundation £13000
Deposit of £4000 and nine payments of £1000

Student loans and grants from the government ARE NOT available on any of our courses so all course fees have to be paid privately and independently. 

Therefore please take that into consideration before making an application.