Our Faculty

Our Faculty is made up of academics responsible for teaching and assessment.

Below find out more about some of our lecturers.

Dr. Jeffrey Vernon BSc, BA, PhD

Dr. Vernon is a graduate of London and Cambridge universities with a PhD in molecular development. He has carried out research at the interface of neural function and cell signaling; ion channels and memory, communication between neurons and other brain cells, the epigenetic basis of neurodegeneration, and the molecular cell biology of pain responses. Dr. Vernon has an overarching role across academic delivery of our courses and oversees the college’s strategy as Director of Teaching & Learning.

Dr. Robert Hatch PhD. BSc.

Dr Hatch’s research background is in the identification of biochemical traits in transposon mutants of maize.  After his doctoral research he undertook teacher training, further developing skills which he has used to teach across a remarkable range of subjects and levels and has applied these in his teaching at Kingston University.  Here he has developed expertise in a range of biomedical subjects and courses, especially surrounding enzymology and haematology.  Additionally, his biomedical research profile now includes his Masters students’ progress researching various applications of enzymology to medicine. Dr. Hatch is our Course Leader for the CertHE (Premed) and BSc and he is a member of our Admissions Committee.

Dr. Behnam Zal PhD.

Dr. Zal is a Senior Lecturer & Graduate Lead at Medipathways. He is also the Module Leader for the Integrated Pathology & Pharmacology Module.  Dr Zal obtained his PhD in Immunity and Infection from the University of London in 2000. He has a proven track record of conducting scientific and clinical research, as well as delivering lectures, supervision, curriculum design and academic management in Biomedical and Health Care Sciences and MBBS Medicine at St George’s University of London. As Principle Investigator he has designed and supervised a number of research projects, and his publications include a number of high impact factor journals. He presents his work at national and international conferences, and has won awards in recognition of outstanding research. Dr Zal has created cross institutional research collaborations both nationally and internationally and has extensive experience of writing grant applications and securing patents for the University of London. Dr. Zal delivers lectures in his broad areas of expertise to undergraduate and post graduate science and medical students, and also also takes a lead in the development of our courses and plays an integral part of supporting our Medimentors.

Dr. Chris Skilbeck BSc.(Hons) PhD

Dr. Skilbeck’s background is in life and physical sciences. He worked for six years as a biomedical research post-doctorate at the Medical School, Department of Physiology, University of Birmingham. His research focused on computer models of oxygen diffusion in muscle, cardiovascular disease, cell biology and biophysics/biomechanics. Dr Skilbeck also spent three years in Los Angeles, during which time he collaborated in research into the mechanisms of resistance to antibiotics in bacteria with the University of California, Los Angeles and the Veterans Administration. Dr Skilbeck has many years’ teaching experience and was a key player on a team that won an award for innovative use of IT in education. Dr. Skilbeck is a module leader and personal tutor at Medipathways.

If you are an individual who may be interested in contributing to our work in support or teaching, please email us on admin@medipathways.com with your CV and covering letter.