The Medipathways Foundation (Certificate in Medical Foundation Studies)

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What is the Medipathways Foundation Programme?

The Medipathways Foundation Programme is a unique 1-year programme taught on the campus of School of Economic Sciences, which is conveniently located in the heart of Central London. It is validated by the University of Buckingham and successful students will be awarded the Level 3 Certificate of Medical Foundation Studies. The programme has been specifically designed to provide students with the best possible grounding for entry into the first year of BSc programmes at various universities, or for direct entry onto our 2-year BSc.(Hons) in Biomedical Sciences.

Why is this Medical Foundation Unique?

    • Successful graduates of the course will be awarded the Certificate of Medical Foundation Studies (120 credits at level 3) which will enable students to progress onto the 1st year of various BSc degrees in the UK, or enter directly onto the Medipathways 2-year BSc degree.
    • Unlike other science foundation or access courses, students will not only study the usual Biology and Chemistry, but also more advanced subjects like Pathology, Physiology, Genetics and Pharmacology.
  • The course is taught by highly skilled and experienced teachers in an environment dedicated to medical, dental school and university entry with support for UCAS, personal statements, work experience, UKCAT and interview preparation.

Course Content

The course offers students a strong understanding of medical science taught at foundation level. It is delivered using a range of methodologies, such as lectures, small-group tutorial sessions, one-to-one personal tutoring, seminars, practicals and personal assessments. The course highlights include:

    • Biology
       This module offers students the opportunity to learn the major different types of cells and will review cellular origins, structure, morphology, function and replication. The concepts of DNA, growth and differentiation will also be introduced.
    • Chemistry
      This module will allow students to learn the fundamentals of general, organic and bio-organic chemistry.
    • Skills in Science
       This module helps students to develop a range of skills essential for effective study at undergraduate level. It emphasizes the importance of the ability to use key mathematical techniques, which are essential for success in higher-level medical studies.
    • Introduction to Physiology and Anatomy
       This module will enable students to cover the foundations of these essential subjects. Specifically it will review the language of anatomy, the histology of the four major tissue types and how these form the major physiological systems.
    • Introduction to Pharmacology*
      This module introduces students to the foundation and principles of drug action in cells and the global effects on the body.
    • Introduction to Pathology*
       This module provides students with an understanding of the differences between the basic cell and tissue types in the human body and how they are viewed using different staining techniques and visualisation methods.
    • Introduction to Genetics*
      This module provides the opportunity for students to build on the genetic material developed during both the Chemistry and Biology modules and will develop the understanding of genetic information from the building blocks of DNA through to genes.
  • Science & Ethics*
     This module introduces students to the role of ethics in science and scientific research. Specifically it will review why ethics exists and the concepts of consent and confidentiality.

*Please note – optional modules are subject to minimum student numbers.

Guaranteed Progression

    • On successful completion of the course (120 credits at level 3), students may progress onto the first year of a BSc degree at a UK university via a UCAS application made near the start of the programme.

Tuition Fees

Medipathways Foundation: £13,000 GBP to cover tuition for the full 3-term course.

The course fee can be paid all in one go during the enrolment period. Alternatively a deposit of £4,000 will be payable followed by 9 equal monthly payments of £1,000.

Student loans and grants from the government ARE NOT available on any of our courses so all course fees have to be paid privately and independently.

Therefore please take that into consideration before making an application. 

Entry Requirements

The foundation year programme may be suitable for you if you:

  1. Are a UK student who has not taken the usual entry qualifications for a medical or dental degree programme (i.e. A-levels in Biology and Chemistry)
  2. Are a capable EU student with at least 12 years of schooling in your own country.
  3. Are a suitably experienced mature student (i.e. an individual who has been working in a non-science environment and would like a change of career, or would like to refresh your scientific background).

Students who have taken the relevant A-levels are expected to obtain grades of DD or above in Biology and Chemistry, and GCSE grades of C or above in Maths, English and Science. If students have only done AS-Levels, they need to have BB in Biology and Chemistry. If English is not your first language we will ask you to obtain a recognised qualification, such as IELTS or TOEFL. The required IELTS level for the Medipathways Foundation course is 6.0 in every component.

Successful completion of the Medipathways Foundation guarantees a place onto the Medipathways 2-year BSc. We may consider progression onto our Pre-Med.

Each applicant is considered on a case-by-case basis, and an interview will be required.

Please note: If your actual grades fall below these requirements, please contact us to discuss further as we may be able to look into your circumstances and the possibility of an individual plan.


  • Why should I consider this programme if there is no guaranteed entry to medical or dental school?
    A good portion of students who have the appropriate A-levels (or equivalent) grades are successfully admitted into medical or dental school each year. Of those that had suitable A-level subjects and grades close to what UK Medical or Dental schools expect, 67% secured a place. 77% of students have secured a place into a medical or dental school of their choice abroad. All students who successfully complete the Foundation and then the Pre-Med have the option to transfer onto the 2nd (final) year of our 2-year BSc. which allows graduates with a 2:1 to re-apply for UK medical or dental school and be considered in exactly the same way as a 3-year graduate would be. Furthermore, our graduates who achieve a 2:1 will be guaranteed at least an interview into the medical and dental schools at the University of Buckingham.
  • What if my A-level grades are nowhere near UK medical or dental school entry?
    You will be able to re-apply to UK medical and dental schools via our our 2-year BSc. as described above.
  • Do you consider other qualifications for entry, such as the IB or other international qualifications?
    Yes, each application will be evaluated and offers will be made based on pending or actual grades achieved.
  • Can I apply to UK medical or dental schools after this one year course, without doing the BSc?
    We don’t really advise this. Most of the medical and dental schools we have contacted have confirmed that they don’t really look at non-standard qualifications, such as foundation courses, etc. However, once the applicant has achieved a satisfactory grade (2.1) on a relevant BSc. degree, they don’t really look at the qualifications achieved before completing the BSc.(including A-levels).
  • What is the application deadline?
    We do not usually set a deadline however applications are usually considered on a first come basis. Applications may be considered as late as the end of August subject to availability of places.
  • Why can't I do a 1-year course like this at another university in the UK?
    This Foundation course is unique as it’s designed with UK medical and dental school entry in mind. Also, the modules we teach are far more medically related, such as Pathology, Pharmacology and Anatomy, etc. which are usually not found on other typical foundation programmes at other universities. This course also secures progression onto our unique 2-year BSc., which means a student from AS-levels could complete a BSc in just 2-years, a year less compared to doing A-levels – which may not necessarily secure entry onto our 2-year BSc.