Course Articulation

Course articulation is the process of matching courses and requirements to course work completed

at another university or institution, meaning that the student will not have to repeat any work that

they have already done at a different university. With so much competition for the very limited

number of spaces at medical school, it can be difficult to commit to a course that might, or equally

might not, lead you on to the next opportunity, but at Medipathways we can offer a solution to that.

Offering two different articulation routes, we understand that it’s important to know what courses

will be open to you in the future, which is why with us you will know what your future options are

before you even complete your current course. This helps students to focus on their work in a more

long term manner, leading to better results and an increased chance of exceeding expectations.


The 1+2 articulation route is otherwise known as a ‘3-year BSc with A-levels’, and includes

one year of an intensive A level or Foundation programme taught at a Medipathways approved

articulation provider, with a conditional offer for a place on our 2-year BSc. (Hons) Biomedical

Science given at the start. You wouldn’t be competing with external candidates, and as long as you

met the entry criteria after a successful application, you have a guaranteed place. To complete A

levels and a BSc. (Hons) usually takes five years, but with our articulation route it can be done in



The other option that is offered at Medipathways is the 2+4 articulation route, which is in

association with European 4-Year Graduate Entry medical schools. This route means that you spend

two years in London studying our BSc. (Hons) in Biomedical Science, and as long as you meet

the required grades after a successful application, you are guaranteed a place on a 4 year medical

programme in eastern Europe. It is suitable for anyone who meets the entry requirements for our

BSc, and wishes to study medicine abroad. If you complete the first two years in London and then

get offered a place at a UK medical school, there is no penalisation for not following through with

the six-year articulation route. So why do 6-years abroad now, when you can do the first 2 years in

London, get a BSc and funding and still have a shot at UK medical school as a graduate?


Completing the first two years in London means that you can still apply for student finance (which

you cannot apply for if you are studying abroad), and an offer onto the four year degree course

is given before you start the BSc. If you are a US student, you will also benefit from Title IV

funding. It means that graduates will have a BSc. in Biomedical Science and a recognised medical

degree in just six years, putting them ahead of the competition and making them more appealing to

prospective employers.


This route is ideal for those who have not quite achieved their required A level grades to get into a

UK medical school, as the entry requirements for our BSc are lower than that of a medical school,

and it can have you fully qualified in the same amount of time. For more information about this

articulation route, click here.