Articulation Partner – Poznan University of Medical Sciences




Poznan University of Medical Sciences (PUMS) is a University based in Poznan, in the mid-west of Poland.

Medipathways has formed a 2+4 articulation agreement with PUMS, so that students who complete our BSc(Hons.) in Biomedical Science will have met the academic requirements for entry to their 4-year MD degree course (subject to interview and MCAT, UKCAT or GAMSAT).

This provides an excellent pathway for qualified Medipathways students who wish to eventually end up practising medicine in the Europe or the US. This medical school offers newly enrolled students at Medipathways a conditional offer of a place onto their 4-year MD degree course at the start of their BSc. This provides a relatively secure back-up for students who may miss entry to UK medical school for whatever reason, but still have the aptitude to embark on a medical degree course.

For further detailed information, please see their website, which provides extensive information, such as fees, costs, etc: Poznan 4-year MD

The four-year program is designed for graduates of the Medipathways BSc.(Hons) in Biomedical Sciences (with Physics option). Exact conditions of entry will be stated on their offer letter provided to students at the start of their BSc course at Medipathways.

4 Year M.D. Program Highlights:

  • Classes taught in the English Language
  • Traditional and Problem Based Learning (PBL) being offered
  • Many of the full-time Faculty are Ph.D.’s and involved in Research and Teaching
  • The English Program has its own student government
  • Hands-on clinical training (the students get to do many procedures by themselves on actual patients in our clinical hospitals – this is different in the US, where because of insurance and liability, the students virtually cannot touch the patients),
  • Over 20 years in experience in teaching in English (the 4MD program started in 1993),
  • Affiliation with 6 clinical hospitals in Poznan,
  • USMLE preparation for no additional costs (our subject end-of-course examinations are provided by the US National Board of Medial Examinations, which guarantees a testing format similar to the one used in USMLE tests
  • The school is a public university, accredited almost anywhere in the world, with a community of almost 1000 international students.