5th Option

5th Option? Back-up application? Reserve option? – Whatever you want to call it…

At Medipathways, we believe we are the best back-up plan along side UK medical or dental school for the following reasons:

  • Applying for our courses directly via our website does not affect your current UCAS application in any way.
  • Once you have applied, if you qualify we can normally make you an offer within 2 weeks, so you know where you stand in advance.
  • If you apply with us, you are not obliged to accept your place should you be admitted until your A-Level grades are published in August.
  • The 2-year BSc. (Hons) in Biomedical Science is only a 2-year programme, allowing you to apply for medicine or dentistry for a place a year earlier than if you did a traditional 3-year BSc.

Changing your UCAS application choices even once you’ve applied, including adding us as your 5th option is possible, however please contact UCAS to confirm how and if this can be done.

Why not call us to discuss your options? We are happy to help.

When applying via UCAS, you will need the below codes:

For the 1-year Pre-Med (CertHE in Medical Science) its: UCAS: Course Code J13L, institution code M61.

For the 2-year BSc.(Hons) in Biomedical Science its: UCAS: Course Code: 1S17, institution code M61.

Our success rate statistics confirm that our students, on average, get several times more offers/interviews from UK medical schools than applicants from other programmes.

Why do we do so well? We believe the following factors play a vital role:

  • Excellent facilities and learning and teaching environment.
  • Very small class sizes – approximately 1:10 Staff:Student Ratio (better than most other universities in the country).
  • Expert guidance on optimising chances of getting into medical & dental school (this usually does not exist at other universities).
  • Highly qualified staff, who are very experienced lecturers and tutors, many who have years of experience in medical/dental school  admissions.
  • Our students remain motivated and realise their pathway to medical or dental school since they are not with us for 3-years before they can even apply, but just 1 or 2 years.

Since many students are aware of the high demands of securing a place, many decide not to apply if they feel their application may not be successful. This suggests that most or all of these applicants, who are competing for places have an excellent academic record. Therefore, no applicant can be 100% certain that they will indeed secure a place, even if their academic background and UCAS application is very good. It is therefore imperative to have a good 5th option as a back-up, which does not necessarily hinder your application for medical or dental school in the coming year(s).

Have you already applied for UK medical or dental school but are you concerned that you do not have a good backup option? Perhaps you have already chosen a Biomedical or Life Science degree as your 5th option, but do not really want to commit to 3 years of undergraduate study on a course you do not necessarily want to do?It may be the case that you have already applied for medicine and dentistry but did not choose a 5th option at all as you were not interested in any other courses? Your predicted A-levels grades were not as high as you would have wanted and you may have applied to UK medical or dental schools but you are quite sure that your not going to get in?

If any of the above applies to you then why not apply for one of our courses. 

If you have already used your 5 choices on UCAS, that is not a problem as you can still apply to us directly by visiting the apply now page and following option 2.