Here are some comments from past students

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“I got in touch with M&D over 2 years ago when I discovered that my A-level grades were nowhere near what UK medical schools would even consider. Having had specialist guidance from the M&D Pre-Med team for UKCAT, personal statements and interviews I have just been accepted by one of the most competitive medical schools in the UK! My thanks to M&D and I would strongly recommend this pathway to medical school to any student that is determined to work hard and be determined to achieve what they set their mind to.” 

Stuart Gibson, Brighton & Sussex Medical School

“Having completed the M&D Foundation at the College, I had a strong foundation in medical science and felt ready for medical school. The staff at M&D were very helpful and supportive, making my time in central London very enjoyable. I then progressed onto the M&D Pre-Med Programme which was a great experience of being at university, advancing my knowledge of medical sciences and therefore enhancing my application for UK medical school. The M&D staff were very supportive and greatly enhanced my UCAS application for medical school. As soon as I was invited for interview, they helped to prepare me and made me a very strong applicant. I was delighted when I secured a place into a UK medical school and am very grateful to M&D for providing me with this opportunity.” 

Vanessa Fotso, Hull & York Medical School

“I can’t thank M & D enough, they helped me decide the best way to get into medical school, provided a great M&D Pre-Med which prepared me well for medical school. They helped me with my UCAS application and I got into Newcastle University, one of the best medical schools in the country. I am now graduating this summer and will start work as a Junior Doctor in August. I highly recommend seeking M&D’s help if you want to study medicine.” 

Andrew Saltissi BA Hons, MA, MBBS

“As an anxious 18 year old set on dentistry, M&D relieved me of much greater stress by providing me with so many options, preventing me from potentially being stuck in clearing had things not worked out. The M&D team (especially Kal) were always happy to help and any questions were met with an instant response. All help and support has been greatly appreciated.” 

Zenab Mushtaq, Dentistry at Liverpool Dental School

“The Pre-Med course is an excellent course. The tutors are top class, providing a great atmosphere for learning and allowing you to expand your knowledge on various topics. I would definitely recommend the Pre-Med course to anyone who would like to further their education and especially to anyone who would like to apply to a university abroad to study either medicine or dentistry, in particular Cardenal Herrera University in Valencia.”

Harjot Khambay, Dentistry at Cardenal Herrera, Spain

”I am delighted to have been a part of the M&D group for the last year. I made an application to the Cardenal Herrera University in Valencia to study Dentistry. Having completed a few years of Dentistry at a London University, after much research I was keen to apply to Valencia. I took up the Spanish Language course with the M&D group as part of the requirement to study in Spain and with the support of the tutor it was made straight forward, relevant and easy to grasp as well as being enjoyable. Whilst I look forward to commencing my studies at the Cardenal Herrera University, reflecting back on this last year it has to be noted that the application procedure through M&D was made stress free, comfortable, easy and there was always somebody on their team at hand to help with any queries. I can truly say that M&D have given me my future to look forward to and I do thank them greatly as without their help and support I wouldn’t have had the chance to pursue my ambition of studying Dentistry in Valencia.”

Kalika Shah, starting 3rd year at Cardenal Herrera, Spain

“I’d recommend this course to anyone serious about Medicine. It’s very useful and the support given to us to secure a place at medical school is great! The programme opens up many opportunities, both in the UK and abroad and sets you well on your way to a successful career in medicine whatever your academic background may be!”

Kiran Rahim, Pre-Med student, Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry

“I would highly recommend this Pre-Med Programme to anyone who has been unsuccessful in getting a medical school place. The course really prepares and increases your chances of securing a place. All involved are really helpful and provide all kinds of useful training and advice about different opportunities that you would have otherwise not known about. You are offered a medical place at SMU on the Cayman Islands before you start anyway, that’s what appealed to me. Very highly recommended.”

 Deepa Bangaru Raju, Pre-Med student, now at Brighton and Sussex Medical School

“The Pre-med programme at University of Sussex has proven a lifeline to many applicants previously unsuccessful in gaining a place at medical schools in the UK, and indeed around the world. A truly in-depth coverage of the biological, chemical and physical sciences, as well as the unique seminar course in the third term titled ‘Health, A matter of National Concern’, have helped to confirm my desire to study medicine. In addition to providing provisional acceptance to SMU, the course is increasingly being viewed positively by UK medical schools for undergraduate applicants. Backed by excellent student support and an easy-going atmosphere, the multi-lingual, multicultural international scene on campus is remarkable, and homesickness goes right out the window from day one! In a nutshell, the University of Sussex on the south coast gets the best weather in England, has a superb nightlife, and is simply THE place to meet new people and forge life-long friendships. Oh and while you’re at it, don’t forget to do well in class to qualify for the next year at medical school.”

Sameer Patel, Brighton and Sussex Medical School

“Having researched about studying abroad, I had always come across websites telling me about studying in Eastern Europe. However, when I came across M&D group, and contacted Kal thereafter, he then opened my eyes to the opportunity to study Dentistry in Spain. I was always skeptical about studying in Eastern Europe, due to the complex languages such as Czech, but luckily for me having studied Spanish at school, this opportunity worked out perfectly for me! It all seemed too good to be true. However, when Kal organised a trip to visit Cardenal Herrera in Valencia during the Easter, I can honestly say I was shocked. The university was beautiful. The campus was filled with loads of busy students, not to mention the palm trees and fountains as well, which made the environment seem so comfortable to be in. We visited the Dental department, and the facilities were “top notch”, and I found that the lecturers that we met were extremely helpful as well.

I found that by participating in the pre-med course, it has allowed me to keep my mind ticking, rather than lazing around all day. We have covered many relative topics to a university standard, such as the systems of the human body and human diseases (both subjects being very important in the pre-clinical years for both medics and dental students). The course may be called pre-MED, but we have also covered subjects relevant to dental students specifically. The course is 3 days a week (which gives us a LONG weekend =] ), and Kal has arranged Spanish lessons for the group of us going to Cardenal Herrera next year on Thursday afternoons. Even after studying Spanish at school, I have personally found this extremely helpful to brush up on my linguistic skills, as well as thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to learn.
We are finishing term soon, and I cannot wait till September. Finding M&D has changed my pathway to becoming a dentist in a massive way. Instead of dreading the thought of studying abroad, I now genuinely cannot wait to go. Viva Espana!” 

Bhavin Kakkad, dentistry in Valencia in Spain

“I have been a student on the M&D Pre-med course for the 2010-11 year. The course material covered provides an excellent base for Medical and Dental students, and I feel that when I start Dental school I will be at an advantage over the other students, having covered the groundwork and key principles behind many important topics. This course is ideal for students who haven’t been successful with UK schools. The Director, Mr Makwana, does a very good job in assessing each student’s individual circumstances and judging which Medical and Dental school is best for them. He does this by providing regular contact and having an “open door” approach to the students which is much appreciated. The M&D group shows that ambitions can still be realised even after setbacks in life.”

Samir Matijia, dentistry in Valencia in Spain

“The M&D Pre Med year in Sussex provided me with an excellent foundation for my medical career. I found the year was highly beneficial and enabled me to successfully complete my basic sciences at St Matthews University, Grand Cayman. Upon finishing my basic sciences I carried out my clinical rotations in Whipps Cross University Hospital, Leytonstone, London. I would highly recommend this career path to anyone interested in persuing a medical career.”

Maura Henry, Graduate of St Matthews University

“I joined the M&D Pre-Med course in January 2011 and found it a great way to pursue a career opportunity which was previously not open to me. The work that Medipathways does allows students to have a second chance at a career they love and this is invaluable. We studied various biological topics during the course of the Pre-Med, many of which are relevant and topical to everyday life. The two terms I spent at Birkbeck have given me a solid foundation of medical knowledge from which to begin my studies as a Dental student. I was also given the opportunity to do some hands-on work in labs where we dissected lungs and a heart. I got to meet students from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures whilst studying the course, allowing me to make many lasting friendships.”

Akshay Shah, CEU Valencia in Spain

“The Pre-Medical programme definitely offers opportunities for many applicants formerly unsuccessful in gaining a place at a UK medical school. As a really intensive course that covers chemistry and biology in-depth, it is recognised by a number of UK medical schools. Impressive student support and approachable academic staff are the two key elements of the programme that benefit students. The University of Sussex, located on the south coast, enjoys the best weather in the UK. The multicultural international atmosphere in such a beautiful campus was something that I really liked about the course. However, do not forget to work hard to qualify for the next year at medical school.” 

Shadi Shahzadi Pre-Med student, St. Andrews, Bute Medical School

“The M&D Pre-Med at Sussex has provided me with an ideal opportunity to secure a place at a British or an overseas medical school. The course has given me a chance to experience life at university, which has been challenging yet very enjoyable, which is excellent preparation for when I begin medical school. Before I started the course, my options were to either re-take my ‘A/AS’ levels or embark on a three-year science degree, or to just not apply to medical school at all. This course has not only saved me a lot of time, but as the focus is on Medicine – has led to UK medical schools viewing my application far more positively. It is an imperative consideration for those students who have been unsuccessful in their application to any UK medical school.”

Faisal Hanjra, Bart’s and the London, School of Medicine & Dentistry

“I feel the M&D Pre-Med has allowed me to appreciate a challenging course at university level, hence opening doors within the medical profession, whilst experiencing the scenic location of Brighton and the most of a university life.”

G. Mason, St. Matthews University

“My year on the M&D Pre-Med Programme provided me with a strong foundation for the subjects I have encountered at St. Matthews University, School of Medicine. At SMU, many of my classmates are from the U.S. and are more advanced in age and experience and they all have a science degree. Despite this, the knowledge I acquired from pre-med did not leave me feeling inadequate. I thoroughly enjoyed all the subjects at SMU from physiology to behavioral science. Grand Cayman is a wonderful island, with people from all different areas of the world; it’s a real learning experience I feel everyone should go through. In addition to that each student will spend a semester on the Miami campus, taking introduction to clinical medicine and being given the chance to take the US Medical Licensing Exam in order to work in the States. I am aiming to go through clinical rotations both in the UK and the US, due to the fact that M&D Pre-med offers everyone an opportunity to gain medical experience both outside and inside the United Kingdom. I am glad I entered this programme and whether you study Medicine in England or on the Cayman Islands, your success depends on the effort you put in and the knowledge you gain and the M&D Pre-med left me very well prepared.” 

Ms. Enyo Agamasu, from Portsmouth, England – medical student at St. Matthews University

“Due to M&D, I have spent 2 semesters at St Matthew’s University School of Medicine, and I would recommend it to anyone who is considering going. The M&D staff were incredible and processed my application quickly and answered all the questions I had, so I was fully aware of what I was going to be heading towards. Every second I have spent on the island has been amazing. I have been pushed into the deep-end, studying subjects like Gross Anatomy, Neuroscience and Pathology with an intense focus on clinical applications. The basic science years are difficult – but there is a wonderful, caring faculty supporting you every step of the way. The small population of students is advantageous; you have a home-away-from-home with many people from different walks of life who ultimately are there for the same reason as you – to study hard in order to practice Medicine! The island is absolutely stunning – and you would be surprised at how easy studying becomes when you are overlooking a bright blue sky and sea. M&D offers its students great opportunities like studying clinical rotations both in the UK and US. I fully plan to take advantage of this, as I think it will open so many doors for my future as a Doctor. M&D offer great opportunities to those who are ready for a life-long learning in Medicine.” 

Ms. Zara Jumani – from West Midlands, UK, now at SMU

“I successfully completed the M&D Pre-Med with Medipathways at Birkbeck, University of London and graduated with a CertHE in Medical Science. I was also given excellent step-by-step guidance in optimising my UCAS application and look forward to starting medical school soon. Studying in central London offers a very exciting experience for students as you are in the middle of one of the largest and cosmopolitan cities in the world.”

Aleksandra Li, graduate of the Medipathways Pre-Med

“My experience on the Pre-Med Course can essentially be described in one word; an OPPORTUNITY. An opportunity to gain a greater understanding regarding the workings of the human body and apply your learned medical knowledge in practical situations; an opportunity to meet other students with similar interests and build life-long friendships and an opportunity to take your first steps on your path to becoming a medic or a dentist.”

Savneet Lochab, St. George’s, University of London

“The M&D Pre-Med is an excellent way to maximise your chances for medical school – the information I have gained in Medical Science is going to be a great advantage when I am at medical school. I also received excellent one-to-one specialist guidance on interview techniques which subsequently led to me securing a place into a UK medical school. My thanks to the Medipathways Team.”

Toby Onafowokan, completed the CertHE with Distinction and is now at Peninsula Medical School

“I decided to enrol onto the M&D Pre-Med programme to enhance my chances of getting into UK dental school, with the back-up of studying dentistry abroad. This was the only secure way of making sure I fulfilled my ambition of studying dentistry at a quality dental school. The course is very well managed and organised and an excellent way to get a medical science background before embarking on a medical or dental degree course. As it is taught in the heart of London, it is also an excellent opportunity to meet many new students and use the facilities at Birkbeck, University of London, in a vibrant and dynamic city.”

Deiniol Prowse Jones, Penninsula Dental School

“I would like to comment on how helpful and accommodating Kal Makwana was during my time applying for medicine. He was extremely beneficial in assisting with my personal statement and when going through interview preparation. I felt much more comfortable going into interviews after the preparation as it enabled me to conduct the interviews with more confidence. I’m very grateful, especially as I had received 2 offers and am now studying in my first year at Manchester Medical School.” 

Aodhan Byrne, University of Manchester Medical School

“Having completed the Pre-Med programme, I am now moving directly on to the 2nd year of a Biomedical Sciences degree at Nottingham Trent University. Successful completion of the Pre-Med course has allowed me to do this. My year with Medipathways has been full of opportunities, with experienced lecturers from acclaimed backgrounds. There has been a good balance between classroom and lab-based lessons, and we were able to experience good practical techniques. We were provided with the opportunity of using the highly equipped labs at Birkbeck, which aided in the learning process.”

Attia Idris, now in the 2nd year at Nottingham Trent University

“As an international student from Abu Dhabi, UAE, getting a place in a dental school in the UK is extremely competitive and very limited. Medipathways was a bright and practical alternative route for me and gave me more confidence that I could pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a dentist. The staff are really friendly and quick to respond! Thank you for the support Medipathways, you guys really allowed me to hold on to my lifelong dream of becoming a dentist. I will be recommending you to several of my friends.”

Sherin Rashad, now at King’s College, London

 “I am very thankful to have studied the Medipathways foundation, and in particular Dr. Roy is a splendid teacher to have taught me, even though I have given her a hard time. The thing I admire about her is that she never gives up on a student & she gives you her complete honesty at all times. She pushes you to achieve & her amazing teaching is shown by my outcome in going to university. I would definitely recommend Medipathways to many other students.”

Abdul-Ganiyu Junior Kassim, Medipathways Foundation graduate, now studying Neuroscience at the University of Sussex

“Upon entering the Medipathways programme, I didn’t know what kind of opportunities I would have with this course. But as it ended, many doors had opened that I thought were closed. The material of the program was intriguing, and as a prospective medical student, I am very glad this material was taught. The program was one of the best decisions I have made in my path of becoming a medical professional. “

Vanessa Awad from Canada, now studying medicine at a Caribbean medical school

“Medipathways has been an invaluable opportunity this year. Committed to studying dentistry, the pre-med gave me an introduction to clinical sciences and a better insight into university education. The course, taught through a variety of teaching means, covers the theory found in first year dentistry, university degree level. As part of the course, I have attended a medical simulation where we learnt about the importance of sterility and asepsis in healthcare and even had the opportunity to visit a cadaver lab. The course further helped with the every step of the UCAS application process, from having constructive advice on your personal statement to preparation for interviews. I am now starting dentistry in Plymouth in september and I couldn’t be happier.”

Please see the following page to read testimonials from our recent graduates and our success rates.