A Level Results Day

This year, A level results day falls on the 15th August (or the 6th August if you live in Scotland), which is exactly one week away. It’s a nerve-racking day that could go a number of ways, but try not to panic, take the right things with you and open your results on your own (there’s nothing worse than opening them as a group as one person cheers and another cries). On your way, pick up a copy of The Daily Telegraph, as it has a list of all clearing vacancies for this year.


Of course, the best thing that could happen is that you open your envelope, you’ve achieved the grades you need and have a confirmed offer at your first choice, or insurance choice university. Unless you’ve been asked to beforehand, don’t phone the university; the lines need to be open for those who are trying to find out whether they have a place or not. Your UCAS Track should update by Friday morning, and your AS12 letter (confirming your place in writing) should arrive in the next day or so. Keep this letter safe, as you’ll need it later on.


However, if you have missed your firm offer, your day can go quite differently. The first thing you should do is check UCAS Track, if it says ‘Unconditional’ then you’re in, don’t worry about it. If not, there’s not that much you can really do; universities aren’t keen on you phoning and pleading your case, if you missed the grades it’s not their fault. Any extenuating circumstances should have already been declared by your college. If Track still says ‘Conditional’, it’s a sign that the university haven’t decided yet. Give them a call and tell them anything that might help such as high UMS marks that are only a few marks away from the next grade. Make sure you’re polite, chances are the person at the end of the phone isn’t in charge of what’s happening with your application, and they shouldn’t keep you in limbo for too long.


You can apply for a priority re-mark on results day, where your exam paper will be re-marked quick enough that some universities will still accept you. If you want a priority re-mark, apply for it on results day; take a cheque book with you because you’re going to have to pay for it, and the sooner you send it off the quicker it will come back. Remember, your grade can go down as well as up, and that you have to contact the universities you’re hoping to get into to let them know.


Unfortunately medical schools very rarely accept candidates who have missed the entry requirements for their courses, so if you’ve missed both your firm and insurance offer it’s time to look at other options. Our 2+4 articulation route means that you can still do a medicine degree, as to get in all you need is to meet the entry requirements for the BSc. Biomedical Science degree. You can find out more about articulation routes and possible options here.


Good luck for next week!