2-year ‘vs’ 3-year

There are many benefits of doing a BSc. with Medipathways, we have compiled a table with some of the primary ones below.

Please note that this table compares an external standard BSc offered by other universities in the UK. However, OUR 3-year BSc offers many of the features and benefits of our 2-year BSc. Text highlighted in red below refers to OUR 3-year BSc., highlighting these similarities.

2 year 'vs' 3 year BSc. comparison
Our 2-Year BSc standard 3-Year BSc.
Completed in only 2 years – saving a year of your life Having to stay at university for the full 3 years
Fast-track entry to a UK Medical or Dental school and up to 2 chances to apply within the space of 2 years Only one application possible within the 3 years of study (Can apply twice if admitted onto our Pre-Med and transferred onto the 2nd year of our 3-year BSc.)
Intensive course – hard work and not much of a summer break (but rewarding!) You get a nice long summer break – good for travelling or finding a job
Guaranteed interview for the University of Buckingham Medical School! No such guarantee (Same as our 2-year BSc)
Graduates with a 2.1 will be considered in the same way as those from 3-year course Graduates will be compared to all others students who have completed a similar course and may not necessarily stand out (Our graduates will stand out because they have had substantial preparation over the course of their 3-year degree).
Includes preparation specific to medical/dental schools such as UKCAT/BMAT tuition and personal statement tuition Specific tuition for Medical or Dental school application is usually not provided (Same as our 2-year BSc)
Saves money – costs the same as the majority of 3-year Biomedical Science degrees but completed in only two Same tuition fees but 3-years worth of living costs. (Lowest tuition fees in the country for this type of BSc degree)
Confirmed place to continue onto final 4-years of medical degree courses abroad at start of our 2-year BSc (see Articulations) Have to apply for a place after graduation of 3-year degree (Same as our 2-year BSc)
Can start employment 1-year earlier then 3-year graduates Can start employment after 3-years therefore a loss of a year's earnings
Competition for UK medical/dental school appears to be increasing each year so applying 1-year earlier should be an advantage Have to compete with other applicants based on what the competition for places is in 3-years time.

Subject to approval by the GMC and achieving at least a 2.1